Reasons for moving to Israel

Many people ask why it is Israel. I’ll try to explain.

The main reason for the move is Yegor. We hope to receive here a normal attitude towards children and disabled children in particular. For example, that from us, as from lepers, did not leave the playground. Well, and do not want any special attention on the street, when a rather large boy (apparently normal) for some reason rides in a stroller and loudly hoots. Our first impression of Israel is like a very kids friendly country.

We also hope that there will be an opportunity to give Egor to a special school where he will have socialization. With this moment there is a difficulty, as here it is customary to bring your sick children to school. But this need to be checked in practice, is it really so, and how does it look exactly in a special school where there is a nurse, a doctor, and so on. Unfortunately, such special schools with a bunch of staff for a small number of children, which takes into account all violations of the child (hearing, sight, motor activity), in Moscow there. With special schools in general, everything is not very much in Russia, there are not enough of them, they are funded so-so, the teachers are tortured and they do not have enough, and usually such special schools are imprisoned for one violation. For example, Yegor does not get into a school for hearing impaired people, there is nothing suitable for him.

And after we visited the intensive care unit in Moscow and in the intensive care unit in Bangkok, I wanted to become rich and do not get into the Russian intensive care unit anymore (resuscitation in Thailand is terribly expensive). And it’s not even about equipping. I am firmly convinced that the parent has every right to be with the child in intensive care around the clock. And it is not discussed. And I do not care what the chief doctors of Russian hospitals think about it. Hello, Morozovskaya! Thank God the process does not stand still and progress is in this direction (there are adequate doctors, there are activists), but I personally do not want to wait until all this is fully implemented, since Egor can get into the intensive care unit at any time. And I would not want to spend a kilojoule of my energy on overcoming bureaucratic obstacles in this situation, or to strain connections to get into intensive care, once I’ve had enough. In Israel, they are allowed to resuscitate without problems.

Actually, these are the main reasons. There are other, less significant, type of warmer climate. I do not exclude that all that I learned from the forums of special children from parents who moved with their children to Israel, and from whose words I made my conclusions, will be strikingly different from what I will see myself. Believe me, I have not been building illusions for a long time and I am not looking for an ideal country, people everywhere are people, but there are enough problems in every country.

In Israel, shells periodically fall, a kind of climate, live here more than 2 times than in Moscow, at high prices a very old housing fund, ice tile floors, 100% tax on the import of cars. Many cons, I’m aware. I tell you about Thailand and about Russia, too, I can write a whole list, the point is not in this. It is important to get the ratio of pluses and minuses that is right for you. If Yegor in his short age here will be better, then I’m ready. And if our expectations are not justified, then it’s never too late to return to Russia, to go to Thailand, or something else to come up with. The main thing is not to stand still and try to change the surrounding conditions for yourself.

Why Haifa

Haifa is located in the north of the country and there is noticeably cooler, it is very important in summer, as the summer is hot here. It will be colder in winter, but it may well be that we will leave for the coldest month. But in general, in terms of cold winter, the problem is not in the temperature on the street, but in houses without normal warming and central heating. That is, you can drown, but there will be decent bills for electricity. Actually, that’s why we are looking for an apartment in a new house, and we still do not find.

Also in Haifa, housing is cheaper than in Tel Aviv. And we need a large city, where there will be a choice of special facilities, special schools, hospitals, doctors, etc. And in Haifa you can live 10 minutes walk from the sea. In Tel Aviv, too, you can, but the cost of such an apartment will be much more expensive. Tel Aviv is generally more expensive than the city.

We are scared by the ecology of Haifa. I know about this, but it seems to me that it is not worse here than in Moscow, and maybe better due to the proximity of the sea, fewer cars and plants. But it may very well be that we will live here a year, and then we will go to the suburb of Tel Aviv or Netanya any.

Future plans

And a few times about our plans. They are not here 🙂

Just kidding, but their truth is practically nonexistent. What to build if we just arrived. Most likely, Daria will go to ulpan to learn Hebrew, I will not go, as it is necessary to work and finally sit down for processing information in Thailand. In half a year we think to go to Moscow for rehabilitation by hearing in a private center (while this is the best that we saw), I may be in this period driving to Sochi or some Montenegro. Next winter-spring, I do not rule out that I will go to Tai for a few months.

I was also asked if I would do a tourist guide to Israel. Rather, yes, than not, but not earlier than in six months I will start somewhere to get out. But I’m not going to describe exactly all the processes for future emigrants (returnees). Only stories about our life here, about how justified expectations.

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