Dad read a fairy tale and said:

— Well, enough for today, it’s time to sleep.

Misha replied:

— Well! No! Give a little more!

Dad said:

— No «well,» it’s too late, you’re going to get up early tomorrow in the kindergarten. And the worst thing is, it’s too early for me to get up because of this! — Daddy liked to joke.

He reached for the switch, behind the window in the courtyard there was a squeak — so the alarm sounded in the cars. Dad went to the window to see.

«Snow … Beautiful,» he said.

— Can I see it? — Misha asked in a very timid whisper, foreseeing a new piece of freedom before going to bed.

Papa could not say no, for some reason he praised the snow aloud. It would be dishonest to admire snow alone, this is understandable. He could say, «Ok, but only today, as an exception.» And that would be the worst answer. But the Pope, although he participated in military operations against the Misha liberties on the side of adults, periodically forgot about his educational mission. And now he thought for a second and said: «All right, only a minute» — he went up to the bed, took Misha and carried him to the window. Now it will be possible to ask each evening after the fairy tale to look at the windowsill on the street, Misha rejoiced. He knew that a thing that was allowed once simply for that matter easily became the rule. Bought once ice cream on the way from the garden just like that — now we buy it every day. Allowed my father once to climb on the cabinet — now you can refer to this case. And let’s just try to ban someone. And my dad allowed me. And why the last time it was possible? No, well, tell me! Okay, come on …

Dad put Misha bare on his heels on the cold sill. Outside the window was a night avenue, empty, sparkling under the freshly fallen snow, stretching out into the distance, fabulous. Black, as the continuation of the sky, the houses bent over the avenue, like giants, threatening to cover it with their blackness and carry to the realm of ice and darkness, but the avenue was not so simple. He grew lanterns around the edges. Lanterns flooded it with a saving yellow light, each with its triangular stream. Prospekt grew them with such intent that the light of each lantern would touch the next one, and at home, no matter how hard they tried, they could not put their darkness between the yellow pyramids. The battle of darkness and light passed in such silence and stillness that Misha was afraid even to breathe. He leaned his forehead against the glass, pleasantly cold after the hot coziness of the bed, the frost poked his thin tongues through the window slits and began to lick Mishina’s legs. Prospekt was lucky that the snow fell, — it also glows and helps to fight off the darkness. Along and into the distance, Misha thought. The houses stood along, and the lanterns stood along, in the distance ran off the tracks from the cars, powdered with snow, and most importantly and most beautiful, that they all narrowed and merged there, in the distance, into one teary point.

A black car was driving along the avenue. She pushed a sheaf of light in front of her, leaving thin very clear marks on the snow. The landscape came alive with a rustling rustle, it was undoubtedly produced by this small brave machine. Absolutely a toy from here, from above, she hurried there, into a teary infinity — the only mobile and audible heroine of this fairy tale. Misha thought that he could see the driver’s silhouette in the window. Also it wanted — oh, as it wanted! — be this driver right now. Do not stand in a pajamas with Mickey Mouse on the windowsill with a six-year-old boy, who will go to the kindergarten tomorrow, but be an adult — yes, it is primarily to be an adult. A man who can drive somewhere by car one night, lead her alone. Being a man who has business at night, some important adult affairs, Misha never had a night’s work. I wanted to be somewhere far away, worried — when will Misha come? And bring something important, some valuable thing, or the long-awaited news, or just yourself. Perhaps this driver is waiting for beautiful women … Misha has long felt that in the male adult life, beautiful women play a major role. Not fully understood, but the main. Gloomy giants get angry that they can not get the driver in the dark, and even the avenue with his cold and snow can not do anything to him, in the cozy house of the car, the lights on the dashboard glow, the beautiful night song plays on the radio … I wanted all at once: to be hero, no one to ask, do not sleep at night, snowflakes on the windshield, adventures, — so I wanted to feel the creeps behind my ears.

— A car! — Misha whispered with quiet delight and poked his agitated finger in the glass, leaving a foggy trail on it.

«Yeah,» Dad agreed.

«I want to go like this.»

«You’ll go still,» said Dad, with a sharp, nasal exhalation that accompanied the smile.


«Soon, in fifteen years.»

— Well, uh! It’s not soon …

— All right, let’s go to bed.

— Now.

Misha glanced at the car, taking with it the noise of tires, climbed to his father in his arms, was moved to bed and five minutes later fell asleep deeply and serenely.

The worst thing is floating errors. Sasha drove out of the dark courtyard to the yellow-lit avenue, but his thoughts were still in the program code, which he left home unfinished. Valya again went broke, again tummy, colic, Asya pulled him out from behind the computer and drove to the pharmacy for espumizanom. Where does this bug sit? He entered the user’s name in the same way, the name was remembered and correctly displayed on the next page. But real users sometimes received complaints that on the second screen the name disappears. That is, sometimes there is an error — a floating error. «Sometimes» is the most heinous word when it comes to the problem in the program. «Always» is a beautiful word, a wonderful word, the best. I went through the team step by step, found a permanent mistake, corrected — live happily on, and even received moral satisfaction, as if squeezed out a pimple. In life everything is different. If the problem occurs sometimes, you can ignore it for a long time, close your eyes to it and live happily. But if the problem becomes permanent …

They and Asya were given good holidays — holidays, weekends, booze-party. Aska loved to have fun, to move, these are all imperatives — pour, come on, drive, do more loudly. On weekdays she sulked, and of course Sasha became guilty. Let’s go somewhere, dear! But where, my dear? It’s Wednesday, nine in the evening, tomorrow I’m at work … What a bore you are! However, before the appearance of Valki, you could afford to consider life an adventure strip with occasional holes of everyday life, which were covered with serials. And pretend that there is no problem. Now it was no joke. Asya sometimes froze, looking at the point, and Valkin squeak did not take her out of prostration. «Asya!» — Sasha turned from the computer to draw his wife’s attention to the signals of the heir, and saw her look — a dead, frankly speaking, look. A look of a little animal trapped in a trap. And for some reason he felt guilty again, as if it was him, Sasha, who had made such a cunning arrangement with this child so as to take away from Asya her merry life. The problem was like in the palm of your hand, but you could not get into the code and fix the line here. It’s a pity…

Having bought a medicine from a sleepy apothecary with hairy arms, he, trying not to slip in sneakers on wet snow, dostopal to the car and started the motor. The car revived, splashed wipers, blinked arrows. Must go. Aska is now waiting for him at home, Valka, probably everything is yelling. That man likes to yell … Small, and so loud! Now-now, give me two minutes. Can I smoke one cigarette? Serenity has become a scarce substance in recent times. Sasha lit up, frowning at the smoke and remorse. Where is this error? The name is honestly given to the database, then it is taken from there. Maybe the problem is not in the interface, but there, on the backend? Let the backend developers grumble, and I have everything right in the frontend. In general, something often we have mistakes. Ponabrali specialists, half without experience. On the other hand, for such money where to get geniuses?

The most unpleasant thing is that this question was not rhetorical and had quite a clear answer: anywhere, but not in Moscow. Half of the insurance companies have already switched to remote development: in Izhevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Novosibirsk geniuses for such money on a ruble bundle. They do everything quickly, efficiently and do not buzz. And if our company says tomorrow, too, thank you, dear Muscovites, good-bye? Quite realistic plot. His mouth was bitter, Sasha opened the window, threw out his cigarette butt. From the window it fell through the winter night — I’ll go with an open window.

Funny snowflakes sat on the windshield and began to slowly show their crown number — to melt (not suspecting that the janitors would break their plans in a second). The city fell asleep, Sasha rode slowly, glancing into the open window at the dark houses with rare yellow windows, breathing in the coolness. In one of the yellow windows he imagined the silhouette of a man in full growth — someone, apparently, was standing on the windowsill. He once again tore his eyes from the road and again found this window. Well, yes, man, rather a child. The child stood on the windowsill and looked at the night avenue, on the only car on the avenue.

Sasha suddenly wanted to fly there, to the apartment behind this yellow window, to become this child, who now, having seen enough of his fill to the street, will climb under the blanket and fall asleep sweetly. Also will sleep — yes! — to sleep, without jumping in the middle of the night to the cries of an infant, not arguing with his wife — long and high quality. Also it wanted to wake up in the morning in the world where your problems are shallow and solved by others, and pleasures are great and only yours. Where it is not necessary to puzzle, how to please ungrateful loved ones, it is enough to be healthy and obedient. Where there are moms lazy vareniki in the morning, cartoons and toys in the afternoon, a fairy tale for the night, and all the dramatic stories unfold in your fantasy and are crowned with a happy ending. And the future, though vague, but shimmers like a rainbow, and promises happiness.

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