I am 79 years old, and I would never want to live forever. But I would like to live long to see what will happen to my children and grandchildren — what they will be in their 25 years. Time to jump at me still is — about twenty years, and it is not necessary more. More people can not live. A hundred years is quite achievable average life expectancy, but now a lot of diseases prevent it — for example, oncology. Soon these problems will be solved. Compared with the 1980s and 1990s, life expectancy increased by 12-15 years. Even in Russia there is such a trend, despite the situation in the country.

My mother lived to be 98 years old, she was a front surgeon, she passed the «Case of Doctors». All that could be tasted in our sunny country, she tasted. She could have lived even if there had been no diagnostic error. The most important thing for a person is to keep the brains and the ability to perceive the environment. If he suffers from organs, if it is difficult for him to walk, if he has osteoporosis or other sores, but his head persists, then one must fight to keep everything else with the saved head. Now all civilized humanity is engaged in this, including Russia. I think that the future of this is much greater than, for example, cryonics and attempts to create new cells. If it is possible to restore the old, then humanity has a future. And I’m absolutely sure that one hundred years is not far off. I think that humanity will cross this line in the next 20-30 years, and 90 years will become the norm. Some countries have already reached this age, in particular, Japanese women live 92 years, men — 87 years, in America and Israel, too, live long.

We can not say at what age a person can be said that he lives for a long time. A person lives long not because he lived some stage of this life, it all depends on what is embedded in him, what his heredity and genes are. Steve Jobs was far from being a poor man, and given his capabilities, he was trying to freeze him to keep his intellect. But this was a bluff on his part, he understood all this himself. And he himself rejected this idea.

If a person sees how well his family lives, close ones, relatives, how they flourish, then nobody will want to leave
Cryonics has no future, in my opinion. The future is only for new medical technologies, for progress in genetics and pharmacology, for ways to restore cells. We must try to make it last longer, and not just to freeze it.

As for our country, I’m not sure that everyone is strongly interested in making older people live longer. The long life of the population is quite possible for the state, if it does not steal. And in Russia, 25 million people live below the poverty line, which the state acknowledged — Medvedev recently said about it. It’s the same cry! It’s scary, the figures are monstrous. Only in the wild African countries there is something like this. From this it is necessary to leave, because Russia is the richest country. We can overcome this. If people live long, I am absolutely sure that their life expectancy will not affect the economic state of the country.

Yes, of course, if a person lives for a long time, new illnesses appear and quality of life decreases. It is possible that he himself will want to leave. But now the pharmaceutical industry has made a giant leap, there is bionics, genetics, people who are engaged in the quality of life of the elderly. There is a complex of specialists who can do something to change the person, reform his brains. If this person will see how well his family, relatives, relatives live, how they flourish, then nobody will want to leave. And today’s life is such that some elderly people want to leave, so as not to injure relatives.

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