Second impressions

As I said, the watch is waterproof to IP68 standard. I have not been swimming in salt water yet, but I always take my dishes and take my shower. While the flight is normal. Probably the horror stories about souls on the forums were exaggerated. By the way, nothing anywhere is misting.

To shake, that I will break, also stopped. Many times already touched something, but so far no scratches. Although I will not hide that I try not to do it again and watch my playful hands.

You need to charge about once every 2 days and it’s a pain. At first it was necessary to reconcile with the fact that I charge the smartphone once every 1-2 days, and now this watch. At least 5 days would be … Hey Samsung, in the courtyard of the 21st century! How much can you already make such an accumulator? Casio Protrek generally never need to be charged, even the battery is changed, since charging from the sun. Xiomi Mi Band worked for 20 days. But for the sake of justice, Apple Watch also works little on time.

At first thought a whim, but turned out to be a cool feature — a change of dials. And it’s not that I want to change them all the time, picking up to a hat or scarf (you need to smile and understand and forgive many women), but that you can initially choose a suitable dial for yourself, both free and chargeable. Usually, if you buy an analog clock, then you will not change anything in them, you will have to settle for many years with that information on the screen that is provided by the manufacturer. In Gear S3, you can display a lot: the date, time, the number of steps, the temperature on the street, the pulse, and so on. I use one of the built-in free dials.

In winter they are useless, since they can not get twists from under their sleeves. However, this applies to any wristwatches, but these at least vibrate when the message comes. But then all the functionality is not used, with the vibration will cope with an ordinary bracelet for 20 bucks.

The clock has built-in GPS, so they quite normally consider the running speed, record the track and all the other parameters, and in the running mode there is a constant pulse measurement, which, according to my observations, is quite normal for me if you are not a professional runner. Compare with the chest sensor could not, I do not have it.


A smart watch is an interesting toy, but no more. This gadget does not have such a weighty functionality that watches become an obligatory attribute for everyone, as the cell phone once became. Most of all, I needed the vibration (I turned off the sound) during the call, preventing the call from being missed. Also surprisingly often I use the viewer’s name (pick up the phone or not), as well as the name of the person who wrote the message in the instant messenger with a quick view of the content, how urgent it is to respond. Yes, I know, it’s not so difficult to get a phone, but with a clock I’m much more comfortable. Especially if you go behind the wheel of a car, on a bike / bike, and get the phone uncomfortably.

From what I do not use yet, but that can be useful — storage of music on the watch and listening to it through wireless headphones. This is convenient, for example, during running, when you do not want to take a bulky phone with you, now in fashion, 5-6 inch. I, too, thought of running, but still I take the phone with me so that they can call me.

Do you need a smart watch for a traveler?


Well, or as well as the city dweller. If you are constantly online, you have several instant messengers with a lot of correspondence, the phone often lies in another room or the hands are constantly occupied by the steering wheel, it makes sense. Of course, if you have more than 20k rubles.

But when the clock with sim cards appear, or the operators start to work with eSIM, then I will vote for such hours for travel without hesitation. I do not know how you are, but I constantly have a problem where to put the second-third SIM. At me now their 4 pieces: Moscow Megaphone, the Israeli Simka, travel DrimSim and still Thai. That’s why I would be very happy to shove one of them in the clock.

By the way, by the way, for this reason I can not try iPhone, buying again and again the two-part flagship from Samsung. Perhaps someone is comfortable with carrying a second phone, but I tried, I did not like, the clock would be more convenient. Two-pin phone + clock = 3 sim cards in constant use.

Gear S3 or Apple Watch are also with eSIM, but this version is not sold in Russia, and if it were sold, the operators still do not support it.

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